Czech Haus strives to offer first-rate accommodations for a fair price. You’ll be pleased with the service and quality of care. Our accommodations were put in place with our customers in mind to offer you an experience you are pleased with.

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Our Customers Enjoy:

Soundproof Rooms

Each of our rooms were built with insulated walls and thicker materials to absorb sound and offer a quieter stay and sound sleep at night or during the day.

Black Out Drapes

Black out drapes offer additional help for shift workers that need to be able to sleep during the day. This accommodation and our sound insulation make Czech Haus unique and a perfect choice for oil field workers.

Secured Entry

The Czech Haus and each individual room use secured electronic locks for entry. All bedrooms have fiberglass exterior doors that open to the interior for added security.

Video Surveillance

The Czech Haus accommodations include 24/7 video surveillance of the interior common areas as well as the exterior and well-lit parking lots for added safety.


Our guests will enjoy weekly room cleaning and linen changes as a service to our guests during their stay.

Nice, Simple, Practical Rooms

The Czech Haus was built with the mindset of offering our extended stay guests the best in meeting practical needs while keeping your costs down.

Why Choose Us?

Czech Haus imbibes the history of Moulton. We welcome all people from all walks of life. Our comfortable accommodations will be your home away from home if you’re in an extended stay in our little town.

We have great pricing options for daily, weekly, and monthly terms. Aside from that, we ensure your safety through our round-the-clock surveillance system.

Our rooms are soundproof, have blackout drapes, secured entry, and housekeeping for your convenience. We offer practical rooms that are not short of the things you need. Should you want to cook something, our common kitchen is always open for all the guests.


An extended stay hotel is complete with cooking provisions as well as individual rooms. Guests can stay for 30 days or longer.

Our Moulton, Texas hotels cater to business people, laborers, and even families who plan to stay in the area for weeks.

Extended stay hotels are complete with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. They may also offer complimentary meals, depending on the package or setup with the guests.

At Czech Haus, we also have free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, private baths, mini-fridge, and microwave access. There’s also a weekly housekeeping service so all our guests will remain comfortable in lodging in Moulton, TX.

Extended stay hotels cost between $300 and $500 a week. We offer discounts for longer stays on a weekly or monthly basis.

Moreover, these hotels will require a deposit, on which the amount is dependent on the length of the stay. This deposit is usually imposed on pet-friendly rooms.

Extended stay hotels like Czech Haus is a home away from home for guests. This is why we offer complete and home-like amenities, including rooms, kitchens, housekeeping, appliances, and so on.

Our Moulton, Texas hotels also offer round-the-clock security cameras to guarantee the safety of the guests. At Czech Haus, we also have secured parking lots and free cleaning services so you will remain comfortable during your stay.

An extended stay hotel should give the best value for money on a daily, weekly, or monthly payment system. We offer special rates for extended stays, and we also accept payments through cash, company check, and major credit card providers.

Yes! Extended-stay hotels like Czech Haus are lodging services in Moulton that offer longer stays than normal hotels. Unlike typical hotel rooms, we accommodate week-long and month-long stays. Just because you are staying longer doesn’t make you any less safe. We ensure that all our rooms are safe with 24/7 security.

As one of the leading Moulton, Texas hotels, our area is equipped with a surveillance system. Each of our rooms also has blackout drapes to ensure your privacy and comfort.

Czech Haus will be your home away from home. We offer a safe abode for businessmen, students, vacationers, contractors, movers and more. We always maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere so you can rest and enjoy your stay in Moulton, Texas.

Boarding and lodging services include accommodations and food. Czech Haus does not provide food, but guests are welcome to prepare their own meals. Remember that boarding includes lodging, but lodging alone doesn’t include boarding. Hotels that offer boarding and lodging cost more than those who provide exclusive lodging alone.

Here at Czech Haus, we offer exclusive lodging services in Moulton. If you wish to prepare your meals, some rooms are equipped with a full kitchen and most others share a common kitchen. Most of our rooms also have a microwave or access to one. We have renovated our rooms to ensure that you will have a relaxed and home-like experience during your stay.

All our rooms offer multiple amenities for every guest. Comfort is our main goal, together with your security.

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Czech Haus invites you to experience the quiet charm of a small town, offering fair prices and comfortable lodging. See you soon!